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InteracCRM is a powerful, all-in-one marketing and business management platform designed to streamline and automate various aspects of running a business.

Key Features of INTERAC CRM Solutions

Interac CRM

Unified Platform

INTERAC CRM is your one stop Platform for Marketing, sales, and services.

Interac CRM

Multi-Channel Communication

Connect via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger & More.

Interac CRM

Automate Your Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks, manage leads, & analyze results. Grow your business, not your workload.

Interac CRM

Project Management

Effortlessly Manage Tasks, Teams, & Deadlines.

Interac CRM

Booking and Appointments

Schedule calls directly through the built-in calendar.

Interac CRM

Invoicing and Billing

Automate Invoicing & Billing for Streamlined Payments.

Interac CRM

Team Collaboration Hub

Chat in Real-Time, Share Files, & Build Teams.

Interac CRM

Seamless Integration

Works with Over 1100 Apps.

Interac CRM

Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights with powerful analytics and reporting.

Interac CRM

Your Digital Playground

Create Stunning Websites, Landing Pages & online Stores.

Interac CRM


Create and Customize your view and filters to see what matters most.

Interac CRM

Mobile Accessibility

Access your data anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.

Drive Results with the INTERAC CRM Marketing Suite.

Ignite Your Capture Zone

Landing Pages

Capture valuable data with engaging surveys and forms.

Interactive Forms 

Capture valuable data with engaging surveys and forms.

Built-in Calendar

Schedule appointments with a breeze.

Inbound Phone System 

Never miss a lead with a dedicated phone line.

Interac CRM

Fuels your Sales Pipeline

Automated Messaging

Stay connected with personalized voicemails, calls, and SMS.

FB Messenger Integration

 Engage with leads directly through a familiar platform.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Seamlessly connect across different channels for maximum impact.

Interac CRM

CRM & Pipeline Management

Organization is Key

Don’t let opportunities fall through the cracks. The INTERAC CRM simplifies and segments contacts into dynamic Smart Lists to help you engage every lead via SMS, Email, Workflow and more.

Bulk Actions

Need to shoot a quick text or email to a list of contacts? Or move a segmented cohort into a Pipeline? Bulk Actions make it happen with a click!

Mobile Accessibility

Managing your CRM shouldn’t mean being tethered to your computer. Access your contacts, leads, and customers on the go with our Mobile App.

Interac CRM

Marketing Automations

Tired of spending countless hours performing repetitive tasks that could be easily automated? Well, INTERAC CRM is the solution for you!

Unified Platform

With advanced automation capabilities, INTERAC CRM enables you to create powerful workflows that automate lead nurturing, communication, bookings, and pipeline management, among other things. These workflows are flexible, allowing you to create single-channel and multi-channel marketing campaigns with ease. With social media, email, call, calendar, and pipeline automations available (and so much more!), INTERAC CRM provides an all-in-one solution for your marketing needs.

Interac CRM

Email Marketing

Email marketing has never been easier with INTERAC CRM simplified tools, making it more accessible and cost-effective for users.

Streamline Email Marketing

By eliminating the need for external services, you can now create and run email campaigns with just a few clicks. With comprehensive features at your disposal, creating engaging content that resonates with target audiences has never been more straightforward. Start building a strong digital marketing strategy with INTERAC CRM email marketing feature.

Interac CRM

Seal the Deal with Confidence

Frictionless Payments

Make the buying process smooth and secure with built-in payment solutions.

Streamlined Scheduling

Schedule appointments effortlessly and keep track of your calendar.

In-Depth Analytics

Gain valuable insights and optimize your campaigns for success.

Interac CRM

Streamline Tasks & Projects With INTERAC CRM

Streamlined Workflow

Stay on top of everything with project activity monitoring, work reports, and balanced workload distribution. No more scrambling to meet deadlines or feeling overwhelmed.

Boost Productivity

Automate repetitive tasks (like daily reports) with task templates and automation, freeing up your time for more strategic work.

Crystal Clear Visibility

Visualize your projects with a variety visual tool. See exactly what needs to be done, by whom, and when – for smoother project execution.

Interac CRM

Create Websites & Online Stores with Ease.

Website Builder

Choose from stunning, industry-specific templates and customize them with a drag-and-drop builder. No coding needed!

Online Store

Launch your online store in minutes. Manage inventory, track sales, and accept payments - all in one place.

Interac CRM

Course Creation

Are you ready to level-up your education game? Look no further than INTERAC CRM course creation feature.

Unlimited Video Hosting and Users

With the ability to build full courses and unlimited video hosting, you have the power to craft a personalized learning experience like never before. And the best part? There's no limit to the number of users accessing your courses. Just imagine your impact by sharing your expertise with the world!

Interac CRM

Reputation Management

INTERAC CRM reputation management system allows you to gather important information about your business and how it's perceived by your clients.

Comprehensive Reputation Management Solution

With the ability to send review requests manually or automatically, you can prompt your clients to provide reviews on your Google My Business Page. Not only will this help increase sales and conversions, but it will also improve your SEO and provide a better customer experience. Building trust with visitors is essential in today's competitive market, and INTERAC CRM reputation management system can help you do just that!


Marketing Automation

Starts at


Per User/Month billed annually

Email Automation.

Mass Email.

Email Verification.

Customizable Email Templates.

Drag and Drop Editor.

A/B Testing.

Tracking and Analytics.

Dedicated Personalized Onboarding.

Support via Phone or Email.

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Sales Automation

Starts at


Per User/Month billed annually

Upload Unlimited Leads, Contacts or Deals.

Sales Pipeline Management.

Unlimited Sales Funnel.

Workflow Automations.

Surveys and Forms.

Multi-channel Outreach.

Calendar Booking and Appointments.

Roles and Assign Permissions.

Analytical Reports.

Unlimited Invoices.

Payment Integration.

Dedicated Personalized Onboarding.

Support via Phone or Email.

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Unified Platform

Starts at


Per User/Month billed annually

Everything in Marketing Automation.

Everything in Sales Automation.

Mobile App.

Project Management.

Automation Rules and Triggers.

Custom Task and Fields.

Social Media Planner.

Chats and Communities.

Company Knowledge Base.

Website Builder.

Document Signing.

Reputation Management.

Basic Product Training.

Dedicated Personalized Onboarding.

Priority Support via Phone or Email.

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